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Available Vacancies
Raya is looking for strong candidates who are willing to grow within the organization and contribute their valuable efforts in making Raya the best in the region. We are posting job vacancies for your consideration, so click on the specific Line of Business below to explore its vacancies - The Line of Business link will appear only if there are vacancies available in it, or "All Available Vacancies" link to explore and filter available vacancies across all Raya's Lines of Business.

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Raya Aman

Aman, a subsidiary of Raya Holding, is a young Egyptian FINTECH Company that pledges a better quality of life to people through convenient, easy and available financial services based on in-depth understanding of people›s needs, continuous innovation and rapid response to market demand, ensuring adequate coverage and a substantial and relevant service scope.

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Raya Trade

Recognized as the market leader of consumer electronics in Egypt since 1998, Raya Trade is a tripod of ventures based on Raya Distribution, Raya Retail and Raya Smart Care, operating in consumer electronics and home appliances.

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Raya Information Technology

Raya IT is the leading systems integration company in Egypt, providing IT business solutions that increase customers’ day-today productivity and operations management.

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