Our Values

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Raya realizes the significance of Teamwork on many levels. The company is continually promoting the concept, by seeking to bring together personnel with a diversity of backgrounds, skill levels and varied areas of expertise. We believe that working in teams guarantees fresh perspectives and provides more efficient outcome and more comprehensive delivery of results.

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Respect for People

Respect for People is a deeply entrenched value in our culture. Our people are devoted employees, trusting shareholders and essentially each and every customer. Respect for people is the value that we consider day by day and upon which we build all connections and relations in or outside the company.

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Customer Focus

Raya is committed to offer its customers an exceptional experience and unparalleled quality of service. Every task, from the sales pitch to the after-sales support, is customized to suit customer needs. It is Customer Focus that is consistently guiding us to higher levels of achievements and success.

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Excellence in every aspect of our lines of business is our means to maintain our position as “a market leader no matter where we are”. With an unyielding desire to triumph and unbending will to succeed, Raya has unlimited potential to improve the quality of all the services that it currently has to offer. The company benchmarks itself according to international quality standards.

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Our Enviroment

Raya Kickoff Meetings

At the start of each year, Raya holds a Kickoff meeting for all employees; to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and to share the goals and strategy for the coming year. High achievers are recognized at the event and are awarded the membership of Raya Achievers Club (RAC).

Raya Achievers Club (RAC)

Raya continuously believes in rewarding its employees who demonstrate outstanding performance and excellence In their work. Membership of the Raya Achievers Club (RAC) is granted to honor employees who demonstrate high levels of achievement and success. Every year RAC members are granted an incentive trip abroad to enjoy five days of fun and sightseeing as a reward for their efforts.

Raya Stars

Raya’s values are the backbone of its operations. Employees are expected to integrate the four values into their everyday business operations. By end of each year, Raya announces a star of the quarter for each value. The winner is entitled to join Raya Achievers Club trip of the year.

Raya Sports Activities

Raya reinforces the Roman poet Juvenal's saying, "A healthy mind in a healthy body". Raya holds annual sports tournaments for its employees in different disciplines, such as football, volleyball, squash and bowling. All employees are encouraged to join and compete to win the Raya Cup.

Gender Diversity

Raya partnered with GiZ to implement a gender diversity initiative. Gender diversity is equitable or fair representation between genders; most commonly referring to an equitable ratio of females and males. An audit is carried out to identify and implement pro-women measures within the companies, for example flexible working hours, child care and quotas for recruiting and promoting women. Supporting measures also involve male colleagues. This helps create a family-friendly working environment in compliance with social welfare criteria.

Raya CSR

At Raya we are take pride in our dedication to corporate social responsibility initiatives that plays a major role in Egypt’s social development sustainability. Our pride not only lays in supporting such initiatives, but in our continuous efforts to engage our people on ground activities and witness our social impact ourselves. Raya is constantly looking to collaborate with reputable non-governmental organizations such as; Educate-Me, Terous , INJAZ Egypt, Wataneya, Baheya Hospital and Children Cancer Hospital 57357.

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